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Print File 120-4B Archival Storage Page for Negatives have exclusive thin backing coupled with high clarity and allow you to ake quality contact sheets without removing or handling negatives.

Note: Fits the Albox binder/box here.

NO PVC - safe for long term storage
Strong continuous seams prevent negative hang up

Price is for one sheet. Multiple sheets available for purchase.

Format - each sheet holds twelve frames of 6x6cm or 6x4.5 cm 120 format film, or eight frames of 6x7cm 120 format film.
Capacity - Four strips of 3-frames
Loading Mechanism - Slip-in
Writing Surface - Data panel
Thickness - Top & bottom layers are 3 mil & center layer is 1.8 mil
Dimensions - 8-9/16 x 11-5/16" (216 x 286 mm) (WH)



Differences between Print File, Clear File and Albox Negative sleeves:


FeaturePrint FileClear FileAlbox
Capacity42 frames42 frames42 frames
Info Recording stripYes. Built-in.NoneYes. Swap-able tab provided.

Print File 120-4B Archival Storage Page for Negatives, 6x6cm, 4-Strips of 3-Fram

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