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Our Classic Cameras

To encourage film photography, we now bring you a selection of fine classic cameras here on Decisive Moment. Each of these classic cameras has been inspected/tested before putting up for sale. Along with the technical specifications, we use an easy to understand grading system, and describe it in an appropriate level of details. We will disclose any exceptions we have found with the camera. We also show clear images of the cameras, so you can zoom in to inspect the details


The grading system

We only sell functional cameras, and will disclose any exceptions we observed. 

For the cosmetic condition of the camera, we use the following grading system:


WOW condition - 97-100% of original condition. It may have a dented packaging box, or wrinkled manual, but Wow! The camera itself looks pristine and likely never been used!

MINT condition - 91-96% of original condition. Camera looks really clean. Perhaps one or two tiny rubbing marks and/or finger scratches, but it looks like it has hardly been used at all.

EXCELLENT condition - 81-90% of original condition. Shows signs of use, with minor rubbing marks and/or finger scratches.

VERY GOOD condition - 71-80% of original condition. Shows sign of use, with some rubbing marks and fine scratches, but does not affect functionality.

AVERAGE condition - 60-70% of original condition. Average cosmetic condition, but functions normally.


In rare occasions where the camera falls outside of the above ratings, we will describe them as such.


Your camera will be meticulously packed for shipment, and will withstand torture of postal sorting system, and that rough postman.


We include a fresh battery when available (only within Australia), so you can just load the film, and your camera is ready to go!


Our fair return policy/warranty is here.

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