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The Australian-made Albox negative archival system is now available in Decisive Moment Shop!

Albox archival 40mm binder and slip cover. Acid-free archive quality filing system, ring-bound, refillable. Suits all PrintFile, Clearfile and Albox negative sheets sold on Decisive Moment Shop (sold separately). Available in 3 different colours.

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Albox binders and pages are archival quality for safe long-term storage of photographic materials, documents, etc. Albox polypropylene pages are made from archival-quality 'Pro Meg' polypropylene which has passed the Photographic Activity Test of the Image Permanence Institute in Rochester, New York, and has been approved by the National Archives of Australia. 

Albox archival 40mm binders are empty A4-extra wide binders which will take any A4 pockets, ideally suited for the Albox range of archival photo pages for photos, slides, negatives and more.  It would also accepts all PrintFile, Clearfile (even the ultra large sheets for 6x7 120 film sheets). Each Albox album binder comes with a matching slip-cover for extra protection and ease of storage. In the slip-covers, the binders are better protected from crushing, moisture, vermin and light. The binders and slip-covers are made of archival-quality polypropylene, and feature tough, patented nylon ring mechanisms which are metal-free so they won't rust or tarnish

  • Size: 328mm High x 300mm Wide x 45mm Spine (Outside measurement of Slip Cover)
  • Colours available:  Black, Charcoal, Grey.
  • Holds up to 50 pockets


Albox Acid-Free 40mm BINDER & COVER for Negative Sleeves

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