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Zone Imaging Eco Zonefix is an eco-friendly, odourless, alkaline, non-hardening, rapid fixer that comes in powder form. It is diluted with water to make one litre of working solution for ready use.

Ideal for both B&W film developed in either pyro/catechol staining or conventional developers and B&W paper developer

Low odour, doesn’t require acidic stop bath, fast washing out times, long shelf life and designed for soft and hard water up to 500ppm

Sodium thiosulphate based, free from: borate derivatives, non-biodegradable EDTA/DPTA based chelating agents, phosphates, acetic acid, known carcinogens and mutagens

Eco Zonefix Technical Data Sheet


This fixer was designed for optimal fixing for film, RC, and FB papers with fast washing out times with both conventional non-staining film/paper developers and pyro/catechol based staining film developers. It boasts long shelf life, high capacity, compatible with soft to very hard tap water up to a hardness of 500ppm, and easy transport for travelling to suit all consumers’ needs.

This fixer is sodium thiosulphate based and free from: borate derivatives, non-biodegradable DPTA and EDTA, phosphates, acetic acid, known carcinogens and mutagens to make it more friendly to the environment.          

By having little odour, this fixer will provide a more pleasant working environment in the darkroom. The slight alkaline nature of the fixer makes film more resistant to over-fixing and fast washing out for film and paper without a need for hypo-clear. An acid stop bath is not required and water stop is perfectly sufficient meaning less chemicals are required. By being non-hardening, this fixer allows for easier bleaching and toning when printing.

The powder has been formulated and packaged in a way to minimise dust entering the air when pouring the contents to make it more user friendly and meet standards for educational institutions.

Mixing Instructions

1.      Prepare approximately 700ml (23.6 fluid ounces) of warm water around 30°C +-3°C (86°F +-5°F) in a measuring container.

2.      Slowly pour the contents of Part A into the water and stir continuously until it is mostly dissolved, this will take approximately 30-45 seconds.

3.      Slowly pour the contents of Part B to the solution.

4.      Add warm water to make a total of 1 litre (33.8 fluid ounces).

5.      Stir continuously until all the powder has dissolved, this will take approximately 60-90 seconds. The final temperature of the solution will be approximately 20°C +-2°C (68°F +-4°F) for ready use.

Zone Imaging Eco Zonefix (Alkaline fixer)

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