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Shanghai GP3 ISO100 black/white 35mm film.

Legend has it that a very humble and passionate film wizard, Mr Zhang, picked up the inoperable Shanghai film factory, with the aim to bring back the long lost art of photography film manufacturing in China. After years of hard works and dedications, we can now say that the legend is real!
We are happy to be sharing these new films here at Decisive Moment. The Shanghai GP3 film, which had the reputation as being just a film for testing (which a lot of times, were due to people using poorly kept expired films), is now a revived and much improved film!
Available now in 35mm, 120, and 4x5 formats!
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Fun fact : film photographers in China would affectionately call the Shanghai GP3 ‘doggy fart 3’, due to its rhyming initials G-P.

Shanghai GP3 100 black/white 35mm film

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