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The Reflx Lab Pro 100 Sheet film is made from fresh Aerocolor 2460, a medium-speed, very fine-grain color negative aerial film. This film has a wide exposure latitude and is specifically designed for processing to a color negative.


Process: C-41 (or E6 to produce a positive slide film) 

ISO: 100 or 160 (No push or pull required when shooting the film at ISO 50-250)



The box has three layers to avoid light leak; please open in complete darkness only.

This film stock is thinner and slightly more curvy than others, please be careful during loading and unloading.

When loaded, make sure the cutouts are always on the top right or butttom left, so the emulsion side will be toward the camera lens. 

It is viable to cross process this film in E-6, by which you will get slide film(color reversal).

To develop this film, dip & dunk, deep tank development, or JOBO 3000 system are recommended. 

Reflx Lab Pro 100 4x5 Sheet film (20 sheets)

Only 6 left in stock
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