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We are excited to bring you the MFS Double XX Black/white film - hand rolled by the Melbourne-based MFS team!

MFS KODK/EASTMAN DOUBLE-XX Negative Film has all the subtleties in tone scale that you love. Optimised for physical performance with a scratch-resistant backing and a process-surviving top layer.


-ISO 250 Daylight

-ISO 200 Tungsten

-Black and White Negative Film

-Fresh stock Direct from Kodak.

This Film Is Hand Rolled - The 37th frame on the roll may be Unusable/Light Leaked

Film Uses Recycled Cassettes, these Cassettes come from film Lab Processors and have been inspected to ensure no damage. The film is then taped to the remaining film and loaded. DX Code May Vary but are typically matched closely to the Film Stock Loaded. 400 Iso for 500T and 200 Iso for 250D

MFS Double XX 5222 black/white 35mm film (36 exp)

Out of Stock
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