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About the film:

The new Lomography Chrome Puple 110 film is here!


With increased sensitivity to red hues, improved exposure at the recommended setting of ISO 400 and less grain than its predecessor, this reworked color-shifting film is a violet breeze that will blow the cobwebs off your creativity.

Exciting Hues

Venture into a psychedelic color spectrum — turn blue to green, green to purple, and yellow to pink without the need to post-process!

Film Sensitivity

At the super versatile setting of ISO 400, you can beautiful shots in various different lighting conditions.

Standard Development

The new LomoChrome Purple is developed using the standard C-41 process.

Storage Information

The storage temperature for this film is 20°C. To extend the life of the film, we recommend storing it in the fridge, at a temperature lower 10°C. Don’t expose the film to temperatures above 30°C for long periods.

Lomography LomoChrome Purple 110 film

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