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Back in 2015 KonoManufaktur launched the unique Color Negative Film DONAU for the first time and it became an instant favorite among slow film fans. Today we are happy to announce the launch of the Ultra Slow Film KONO! DONAU II.

The KONO! DONAU II is still an ultra slow and ultra fine grain film with strong blue and purple shades. Compared to its predecessor the DONAU II has an increased speed of ISO 8 and is therefore the perfect film for long exposure photography in the daytime, extremely long exposures in the evening or at night. If the conditions allow it, you don’t even need a tripod, all sample pictures were taken hands-free.

Handmade in Germany

For reasons of sustainability, we load the film into used & cleaned cartridges.

We recommend:

  • A camera with an internal light meter which starts at ISO 8 or lower

  • Or an external light meter / app at ISO 8 or lower 

  • A tripod


KONO! DONAU II is an experimental film, results may vary.



ULTRA SLOW FILM, 35mm, 36 exp.

Color Negative, PROCESS C-41

Any lab is able to develop the film.

Kono Donau II 35mm

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