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KONO! Delight - the new line of professional films by KONO Manufaktur®

Kono start with the King of roll films, the medium format. KONO! DELIGHT ART 100 – COLOR TINTED FILM is Kono's first 120 Medium Format Film, based on first class professional film stock. Each roll is carefully tinted by professionals. A completely new look is the outcome of carefully altered hue, saturation and contrast.

KONO Manufaktur® always took pride in the craftmanship behind the production of our films. Nearly 30 years of professional experience working with film stock, gave us the know how to design and built our machines.

Kono had to question everything they knew and rethink each production step to make the KONO! Delight Art 100 possible. This resulted in a new device, it is still a made by hand and time consuming process, but all crucial parameters are now completely digitally controlled. This ensures steady results and is at the same time as gentle to the film stock as imaginable.

Technical info:



Enclosed EXPOSED sticker


Any lab can develop the film, the Exposed sticker marks the film as color tinted

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Kono Delight Art 100 120 film

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