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This is a special hand-rolled Kodak Ektachrome EPY 64T tungsten-balanced 35mm slide film.

Kodak Ektachrome EPY 64T 35mm color slide film is color balanced Tungsten with neutral color balance for excellent color reproduction and reciprocity performance. It's suggested applications are Architectural, Catalog/furniture, Corporate/industrial, Medical/science, and Museum/art/copy.

Film is long expired, hence it needs plenty of light. Suggestion to over-expose by 2 stops.

Please check out the images taken with this batch of films here. Images were cross-processed in C41 process, and home-scanned without color corrections. It can be hard to shoot without amble of sunlight, so take up the challenge to make one of those cool atmospheric photos!

Normal process in E-6 chemical, or can be cross-processed in more economical C41 chemical!

Kodak EPY 64T Tungsten-balanced 35mm color slide film (expired)

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