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This is a special hand-rolled Fujifilm CDU Type II 35mm slide duplicating film.

The Fujifilm CDU Type II film is originally used for duplicating slide/transparency. It is tungsten light balanced. 

Film is long expired, hence it needs plenty of light. Suggests to rate it at ISO 12 or 6.

Please check out the images taken with this batch of films here. Images were cross-processed in C41 process, and home-scanned without color corrections.


Normal development process is E6 , but can be cross-processed in normal C41 color process as well.

Number of exposures : 36 frames

The DX code marking on the film is ISO 50. Please overexpose by 2-3 stops.

Fujifilm CDU Type II 35mm color slide duplicating film (expired)

Only 7 left in stock
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