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FPP BW Super Positive film is an orthochromatic, low contrast, low iso BW positive film from the Film Photography Project.

This film will produce a BW positive when processed in standard BW chemistry!

Why was this film made?
This film is a Dactylographic film, used in the study of finger prints!

HOW DO I SHOOT iso 0.8? 
If you are not using a hand-held light meter, dial iso 25 into your camera's light meter. Once you expose for iso 25, open up your lens 5 f-stops (or lower shutter speed) for iso 0.8.

Notes from FPP's Michael Raso - "When shooting such (an in​​credible!) low asa, I shoot in daylight with my lens fully open at about 1/10th or 1/15th sec. I highly recommend the Gossen Luna Pro F light meter. It dials down to iso 0.8."

Keep your film Light Tight! This film is subject to "light piping" when exposed to room light. Please load in dim light and store in a dark camera bag before and after shooting. If storing your film in fridge, freezer or home shelf, store in a light tight bag as well. What is light piping? Read our blog by Leslie Lazenby. As with all of our films being shot using vintage cameras, your results are not guaranteed.

How to Process? Standard developers will work fine.

FPP D96 > 68° Fahrenheit > 7 minutes

Kodak D76 > 68° Fahrenheit > 6 minutes.

Kodak Xtol (1+1) 14:00 @ 20C.

Kodak Xtol stock, 68 degrees 8 minutes, 5/5 agitation




FPP Super Positive black/white 35mm film

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