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Specially spooled Kodak Aerocolor IV film, an aerial color negative Kodak stock originally intended for high-altitude reconnaissance. This unique film offers broad exposure lattitude, extremely fine grain, high sharpness, and has tremendous resolving power.

This is the same film that's is selling on the market under other names such as Santa Color 100 and Washi-X.


- 100 ISO Color Negative Film
- Outstanding sharpness from ultra-fine grain structure
- Wide dynamic range
- 35mm format, 36exp.
- Standard C-41 photo lab processing
- Daylight balanced

It should be noted that this film has a tendency to light pipe, eg. the light will travel up the leader and into the first few frames. Load the film in very low light conditions.

Flicfilm Elektra 100 35mm film (aka Aerocolor IV, aka Santa Color 100)

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