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We are happy to introduce the brand new Reflx Lab 400D color negative film to the Australian community!

The Reflx Lab 400D is made from fresh Kodak Vision3 5207 (aka Vision3 250D) motion picture film, with rem-jet layer removed. This is similar to the Cinestill 400D film.

Yes the Remjet Layer from the motion picture film has been pre-removed, so this film can be processed in any photo lab C41 process without worrying about the Remjet layer!


1. The first 2 frames of this film are prone to light leak when the films were made. To compensate for that, this film actually contains 38 exposures per roll.

2. Please manually rate your camera at ISO400 if it fails to detect ISO400 with this film. If your camera does not allow manual ISO overide, you may paste the included DX-code sticker onto the film cartridge. Paper instruction is included.



- The 400D/aka 250D is daylight balanced film, ideally for outdoor shooting during the day.
- Film is rated ISO400. Please paste the included DX-code sticker if you camera does not have manual ISO setting.
- 38 exposures (36 effective exposures)
- C41 process

Reflx Lab 400D 35mm color film (no RemJet layer)

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