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Introducing this very unique film made in @bones_films Brazil!

ColorBones is made from color photographic paper that is cut and perforate so it can be used on 120 cameras. As it is a handmade product, there may be differences between each roll.

The ISO range with the best results is ISO 50 and 100. However, we obtained results up to ISO 1600 with large chromatic aberrations.


Development time:

502 min 30 sec2 min 30 sec
1003 min 30 sec3 min 30 sec
400+30 sec+30 sec
800+30 sec+30 sec
1600+30 sec+30 sec





ColorBones can be developed on any color developer. The native method is RA4. It is worth mentioning that the film does not have great tolerance to sudden changes in temperature during development.

ColorBones has a tungsten white balance. Therefore, a bluer tone is normal. It is worth mentioning that higher ISOs will result in greater blue.

There is a possibility that ColorBones may get stuck in some SLRS due to film unevenness.
We managed to reduce the number of occurrences of this problem, however, our recommendation is to use point & shoot, rangefinder and compact cameras.

Each roll has 24 exposures.
Do not store in a refrigerator, humidity can interfere in the quality of the film.

Bones Films Colorbones 120 film

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