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We now have a limited stock of the sought-after Bellinifoto ECN2 motion picture film developing kit available for sale here.
Kit for the Motion Picture ECN2 process. It has the capacity to process 12 35mm films of 36 Exp. or 1 16mm film of 30.5m or 6 Super 8 films of 15m each. This Kit contains 1 liter of ready-to-use pre-bath and concentrated solutions to prepare: 1 liter of Developer, Stop Bath, Bleach and Fixer. In addition, it contains concentrated chemicals to prepare 10 liters of Final Rinse.
The datasheet included in the box may be an outdated version. Please refer to the updated one on Bellini website here

Bellini ECN2 Motion Picture Negative Film Developing Kit 1L

Only 1 left in stock
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