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ADOX XT-3 Developper small packet to mix 1000 ml

Well balanced film developer based on ascorbic acid yielding full box speed negatives with high sharpness and very fine grain. Hydroquinone-free and without boric acid content yet with improved storage capacities compared to earlier ascorbic-acid developer recipes.
The dissolving speed has been reduced to only 2-3 minutes.
ADOX CAPTURA dust binding technology lets you mix this powder chemical without inhaling chemical dust.

The developing times and resulting curves are identical with XTOL produced prior to 2019 and sold in aluminum compound bags.

Advantages over similar working recipes like Xtol, Excel or LegacyPro Eco:

- Free of borates
- Biodegradable Komplexer
- Not health risk through chemical dust while mixing
- Increased solubility
- Better keeping properties

Made and packaed by ADOX in Germany and Switzerland.

As with all Isoascorbat based developer you need to check for substances falling out or a darkening of the solution. If any of the above occurs do not use this developer any longer.



ADOX XT-3 Developer to mix 1000 ml

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