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Shoot 35mm film in your medium format cameras, to produce pictures with sprocket holes! This Film Adapter Kit lets you load 35mm film in cameras made for the 120 film.

Each kit includes 2 sets of the adapter (for the film compartment, and at the slot for the 120 take-up spool). You don't need any 120 take-up spool because an empty 35mm film canister is also included.


1. Tape the lead of your new film to the film's tongue of the provided empty 35mm film canister. Make sure the tape is tidy without any exposed glue. Ensure the film winds in and out easily in the empty 35mm film canister.

2. Insert the adapters to the top and bottom ends of both the new and empty film canisters.

3. Insert new film to the film compartment (as you would normally do), and the empty film canister to the other end (as a take-up spool).

4. Again, make sure the films winds in and out easily.

5. After shooting the roll, the film is now rolled in the previously emptied canister. Simply cut the exposed part of the film away (the last frame will be useless now unless you want to do this in a darkroom / changing bag), and send it for development.

6. You may keep your emptied roll of film for the next shot.

Take note:

1. This is recommended for camera with manual winding mechanism, as auto-winding mechanism may apply too much force on the film. Most medium format cameras uses manual winding anyway.

2. On some manual winding cameras, you may have to experiment to find out the number of round to wind each frame.

2. As 35mm film do not have backing paper like 120 film, it is important that you cover the frame format window at the back of your camera with duck tape, or something that completely blocks the light.

Also feel free to check out Youtube videos on this subject, for example this one here (though it uses 120 take-up spool, but works the same way) :   . With our adapter, there is no need to rewind the film you have shot back into your own canister. If you want to save the very last shot of your film (as it is likely not rolled into the canister), you may want to cut the film in a darkroom/changing bag.  


Actual item shipped may look different than the pictures, depending on which one we have in stock, but they work the same way.



35mm to 120 film adapter - shoots sprocket holes and panoramic shots (NEW non-3

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