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The new Reflx Lab compact and affordable light meter is available now!

The top-mounted light meter is made of aluminum and zinc and powered by a simple button-cell battery, which Reflx says can last up to a year in standby mode.

The light meter has a relatively simple design, with a display and a pair of buttons. The shoe mount design is adjustable, meaning it can be moved to the left or right of center.

It performs its metering via a front optic. The Reflx Lab Light Meter is a reflective light meter that measures the light that bounces off the subject and then determines the appropriate exposure setting.

For a small meter, it has a very wide range, letting you set ISOs all the way from ISO8 up to ISO6400. Aperture, too, ranges from f/1 to f/32 with shutter speeds going all the way from a slow 30 seconds to a very quick 1/8,000th of a second. And you get +/-2 stops exposure compensation.

  • Metal shell made of aluminum and zinc
  • No tools battery change: easy slide-out design
  • Long battery range: up to 1-year standby time
  • Powered by a button cell: say goodbye to battery faults or capacity loss
  • EV compensation helps you cope with extreme lighting situations


Please take note that the battery (CR1632) IS included in the package. Extra batteries can be purchased here.



Material: zinc, aluminum, & PC plastic

Color: Black or Silver

Metering Angle: 30-degree average metering

Censor type: silicon photodiode

Shoe bracket position: left, center, or right (adjustable)

Dimensions: 35mm x 28mm x 11.5mm (1.4inch x 1.1inch x 0.45inch)

Weight: 25g (0.88oz)

Working Temperature: -12°C-60°C

Battery: CR1632 x1 (NOT INCLUDED)

ISO Range: 8-6400

Shutter Range: 30s-1/8000s

Aperture Range: 1-32

Exposure Compensation: -2 -- +2


1-Year Warranty 

The user manual is available here.


What you will receive:

1. Meter

2. Shoe bracket

3. Spare battery holder

4. Screws and a screw driver


Reflx Lab Light Meter (two color options, battery included)

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