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If you like the Olympus Mju series of cameras, but would prefer having a wider lens, then look no further than the Olympus Mju III Wide 100. This is one of the only two models in the Olympus Mju series of camera that offers a wide 28mm lens. It also zooms up to 100mm for that extra flexibility. 
Olympus don't make a lot of this model, hence it can be hard to come by. Don't miss your chance to own a 28mm Mju camera!
Condition of the camera:
Camera is fully functional.
Cosmetic condition is rated EXCELLENT (Explanation here)
Included with this camera : fresh battery, strap
The technical bit:
Lens: 28-100mm, f/4.6-11.9
Focus: 0.6m - infinity
Main features : Auto-focusing, flash with red-eye reduction, self-timer.
Battery : one CR-123A (included). More available here.
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Find out more about our classic camera grading system here.
Our classic camera return policy / warranty is here.

Olympus Mju III Wide 100 [EXCELLENT] [O29]

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