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MFS CineFilm EXPIRED 5218 VISION 2 500T

36 Exposure Roll Non DX Coded

Rate at 100-200 ISO

Tungsten balanced Motion Picture Color Negative Film

Tested with Good Results from 50-200 ISO to Counter Base Fog

Great for those who like a distinctive Grain.

Hand Rolled Expired Film Stock From Motion Picture Studios

Process in ECN-2 or Cross process in C-41 with RemJet removal prebath.

For home Processing or Processing by a Lab that can handle ECN-2 or RemJet Films.

Warning: This Film is RemJet Coated. Do not have this Developed at a standard Film Lab.




As with most Motion Picture Films, this film is RemJet Coated, and should not be developed in standard film lab that only does C41/E6 processing. Ask to see if your film lab provides ECN-2 process, or REMJET layer removal; or send this to MFS ( for processing.


For home processing, use either ECN-2 chemicals, or cross-process in C41 with RemJet remover. The Remjet remover is available here.


MFS Cinefilm Expired Vision2 5218 100-200T 35mm film (36 exp)

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