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Explore the mysterious side of black and white with KONO! Rekorder Film. It is hand-rolled and was originally never intended to be used for taking photographs. So what’s to expect in your shots? Well, some pre-exposed numbers and letters may show up randomly on your images, which yield unique and unpredictable results! Not only that, but your shots will be big on contrast, too. Try it out and indulge into the more experimental side of black & white.



  • B&W film, pre exposed numbers and letters
  • True B&W film processing
  • 35mm, ISO 100-200
  • Hand rolled & hand packed, each roll is unique
  • Rolled into recycled film cartridges
  • Package contents: 3 cartridges of film, 24 exposures each

Kono Rekorder 35mm black/white film

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