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KODAK PROFESSIONAL XTOL Developer is a two-part powder developer for processing KODAK and other manufacturers’ normally exposed, pushed, or pulled black-and-white films. It offers full emulsion speed and easy mixing, and can be used as both a developer and a replenisher in a variety of equipment, from small tanks (8 to 64 fluidounces), trays, or rotary tubes to high-volume processors.


• Ascorbic acid-based black-and-white film developer
• No hydroquinone - Convenient, room-temperature mixing for immediate use
• Two-part powder - Quick, easy mixing
• One solution for both developer and replenisher
• Good shelf life (six months after mixing when stored in full bottles)
• High resistance to breakdown from oxidation during storage or in replenished processes
• Stable performance across a range of temperatures, dilutions, and agitation methods
• Excellent emulsion speed with normal and push processing
• Enhanced shadow contrast and improved highlight detail with some films
• Fine grain and high sharpness, especially with 1:1 dilution


Datasheet available here:

Kodak X-Tol black/white film development powder (makes 5L) [Xtol]

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