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Kodak Professional Hypo Clearing Agent promotes the removal of fixer from both film and paper and helps to shorten final rinse times. This powder washing aid contains enough chemistry to make one gallon of stock solution, which should then be diluted 1:4 to make a total of five gallons of working solution.


As it is a powder, you dilute it to make a stock solution first. To prepare Kodak Hypo Clearing Agent stock, dissolve the contents in water. Stir until the powder has dissolved. Allow this to cool to room temperature, then the chemical is then ready to use. Store in a tightly capped bottle until needed for use.

To prepare your Hypo Clearing Agent working solution, dilute 1+4. That means one part stock to four parts water. The dilution is the same for both paper and film processing. Make sure you mix together thoroughly before use.

Hypo Clearing Agent reduces the wash time to 5 minutes for films, 10 minutes for single-weight papers, and 20 minutes for double-weight papers.




Kodak Hypo Clearing Agent powder (makes 5GL)

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