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Kodak HC-110 Developer is a highly concentrated liquid developer. It is intended for use with a variety of black and white films, some graphic arts films and some glass plates.


Extremely versatile
For normal or push processing
Dilutions vary, see date sheet, Dilution B 1+31 is most common
1 Liter will make 32L (8.45 gallons) of working solution (Dilution B)
Made in USA. This is the newer formulation in round bottle (pictured). Clearer liquid form and different viscosity than the previous version.

HC-110 comes in the form of a liquid concentrate, allowing users to mix up just enough concentrate with water to make a single-use solution of the volume required by their developing tank. These characteristics make it a highly convenient and cost-effective developer choice for beginners and experienced users alike.

Several dilution options exist (see data sheet), but Dilution B (1:31) is by far the most popular. 1 liter of liquid concentrate makes 32 liters of one-shot Dilution B working solution. Normal and push/pull processing times available at The Massive Development Chart by Digital Truth.

Download Kodak HC-110 Technical Data Sheet 


Shipment within AU only.

Kodak HC-110 black/white film high-concentrate development liquid (1 Litre)

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