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500ml bottle of Ilfotec LC29 black/white film developer.

Economical, liquid concentrate film developer. Ideal for low volume, black & white film processing.

High dilution, liquid concentrate film developer
Fine grain and sharpness
Flexible and economic to use
Compatible with: Spiral Tanks, Dish/Trays and Rotary Processors

ILFORD ILFOTEC LC29 is based on the technology used in ILFORD ILFOTEC HC developer but is formulated to be a liquid concentrate for small volume film processing.

This black & white film developer is easy to use and economical making it ideal for beginners. Designed to complement the ILFORD film range yet still producing excellent results with other black & white films, ILFOTEC LC29 produces fine grain negatives with good sharpness characteristics and image quality.

Supplied as a concentrate, ILFOTEC LC29 offers a choice of dilutions, 1+9, 1+19 and 1+29 with the option of either one shot processing, or for greater economy, the ability to re-use the diluted developer solution during one working session.

Ilford Ilfotec LC29 film developer

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