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1000ml bottle of Ilfotec HC black/white film developer.

ILFORD ILFOTEC HC is an economic and versatile liquid developer suitable for all black & white films. ILFOTEC HC solutions have a long life and good resistance to contamination reliably producing high quality, sharp results under a wide range of conditions.

To use ILFOTEC HC dilute it to make a stock solution. The stock solution must then be further diluted for use. The degree of the dilution will depend on the film to be processed and the method of processing.

Once diluted, ILFOTEC HC can be used in all process systems including: dishes (trays), small tanks, deep tanks, dip and dunk (hanger) processors, rotary tube processors, continuous long leader processors, roller transport processors and short leader card processors.

For dilutions and processing times, please refer to the technical data sheet here:

This is Ilford equivalent of the Kodak HC-110 developer.

Ilford Ilfotec HC Developer 1-liter (Concentrate)

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