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We have bits and bobs of expired films listed here as individual options. Please click the different choices to see the prices *1.

Most films have long been expired, and good storage conditions throughout their life can't be guaranteed, hence color shift, base-fogging, low definitions, heavy grains are to be expected. Recommendations is to over-expose the films accordingly (usually 1 stop for every 10 years over expiry date). Due to the unknown conditions of these films, they are sold as-is, and we are regrettably unable to offer refunds nor accept returns.

We will add more choices in from time to time, and occasionally you may also see some fresh films with broken packaging too, so check back often!

Sorry we do not provide image of each of the films/boxes here, as there is only a single roll available for most of these films. Please send us a message if you wish to see an image of a particular item.

*1 Please ignore options with $99.99 price. They will only become available at a later date with the correct price :)

Bits and Bobs EXPIRED film / Damaged box

PriceFrom $8.90
Out of Stock
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