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Presenting this very unique collector item, featuring '3D' slides showcasing life in North Korea, that are viewable using the included 3D viewing goggle!

3DPRK is a remarkable, understated portrait project by Slovenian photographer Matjaz Tancic, driven by his discontent with foreign photographers’ usual approach to sensationalize with their photographs the parallel world of North Korea (the chase for the “rare glimpse”). For this widest collection of North Korean people, Tancic decided to focus on the common people, “the group that forms the core of every society” – not just citizens of Pyongyang, but also those working in the fields and cooperative farms, factories and steelworks across the country.

“It is the uniqueness and beauty of the 3D technique used for each photograph that ultimately highlights the individual nature of the people posing for each shot, and the various layers that make up the surreal theatrical set that is the DPRK today.” — from Matjaz Tancic’s introduction text

This second edition of 3DPRK features a new box design and includes 66 individual slides and 3D viewing goggles.

3DPRK (2nd edition) with 3D viewing goggle

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