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Your favorite film photography shop has a new website!

Updated: Mar 9

Your favorite film photography shop has a new website!


What started as a small venture to share our love for film photography has become, dare we say, one of Australia most beloved site for buying films and related products. That's because our customers (that's you!) know we carry the widest range of films in this part of the world, while keeping them affordable.


It's our 10th anniversary running this website this year, and we thought it's about time we give it a face-lift.

You will find the new website familiar (for good reason), but we managed to squeeze in some improvements here and there. Things like the color-coded product listings to hopefully making it easier to differentiate the various type of films; as well as additional links to point you straight to Popular films, Curious films (special effects films), and Popular brands.


Also, as we don't offer film processing service, we have published a page with location map of film processing labs (and their dropbox locations!) for your convenience.


Oh, and yes we have a new logo too. Evolving from our old logo of a camera lens aperture opening, and capturing of fleeting and decisive moments, the aperture blades now encapsulates pattern of a plant's leaves. The four piece of leaves symbolises the members of our small family :) We also keep the similar color scheme from our old logo, as well as the silhouette of a person leaping while holding a camera, which is again inspired by one of HCB's famous photo.


We hope you like our new website. Do let us know should you have any questions/suggestions, or found any problem there.


Once again, we can't thank you enough for all your support through the years! With the new website, we can continue to provide the best for everyone!

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