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We are excited to bring you the MFS Cinefilm Vision3 200T film - hand rolled by the Melbourne-based MFS team!

CineFilm Vision 3 200T

200 ISO Tungsten balanced Motion Picture Color Negative Film

36 Exposure Roll

Hand Rolled from New Stock Direct from Kodak.

Process in ECN-2 or Cross process in C-41 with RemJet removal prebath.

For home Processing or Processing by a Lab that can handle ECN-2 or RemJet Films.

Great stock for Bleach Bypassing.

Warning: This Film is RemJet Coated. Do not have this Developed at a standard Film Lab.

Film Uses Recycled Cassettes, these Cassettes come from film Lab Processors and have been inspected to ensure no damage. The film is then taped to the remaining film and loaded. DX Code May Vary but are typically matched closely to the Film Stock Loaded. 400 Iso for 500T and 200 Iso for 250D


As with most Motion Picture Films, this film is RemJet Coated, and should not be developed in standard film lab that only does C41/E6 processing. Ask to see if your film lab provides ECN-2 process, or REMJET layer removal; or send this to MFS ( for processing.

For home processing, use either ECN-2 chemicals, or cross-process in C41 with RemJet remover. The Remjet remover is available here.

MFS Cinefilm Vision3 200T 35mm film (36 exp)

Only 3 left in stock
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