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Kodak Professional T400 CN Film is a 400-speed, multi-purpose, black-and-white film designed for processing in Process C-41 with color negative films (instead of the more expensive b/w processes)

This film is hard to come by these days. Expiry date of 8/2002. Films have been refrigerated.

The panchromatic film can be printed on either black-and-white papers or color negative papers. You can also make prints for short-term intermediate use on Kodak Professional Portra Black & White Paper.

Provides neutral, predictable black-and-white prints on color negative papers with a variety of printing devices. Full scale prints on either selective-contrast or graded black-and-white papers.
The film is intended for exposure with daylight, electronic flash, and artificial illumination. You can also obtain pleasing results under other light sources, i.e. illumination in stadiums, without using filters.
You can use filters when exposing this film to vary the tone and contrast. Results are similar to conventional black-and-white films.

This film incorporates Kodak T-Grain Emulsions, providing extremely fine grain and sharpness with relatively high speed


Kodak T400CN 120 film (expired 8/2002)

Only 4 left in stock
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