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The KODAK Film Case - an essential piece to every film lover to preserve and organize film rolls. The portable steel case organises five rolls of 35mm film, and segregates them neatly by an inner case. 

This listing is for the RADIANT Case. Also check out the other listings for Classic Case and Matte Case!

The well-polished silver radiants self-confidence. It matches with KODAK's favourite colour - yellow - which is precious like gold and shines the entire time. The hard-wearing, practical case is simply a perfect match to the silvery coating.

Capacity: 5 rolls of 135 film*
Dimensions: 148 x 56 x 47(mm)
Weight: 160(g)
Materials: Outer - Steel
Inner - Plastic
*Films are not included

Kodak Film Case - RADIANT case

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