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Ilford Delta 400 Professional is a high speed, black & white film designed to produce images with extraordinary depth and detail.

Created using our latest Core-shell™ emulsion technology, DELTA 400 produces images with exceptional sharpness and the finest of grain to offer a leading combination of speed vs sharpness along with impressive tonal range.

This highly versatile film delivers outstanding results over a broad exposure range of ISO 200 - ISO 1600 while its ISO 400 rating allows the use of faster shutter speeds yet with the comparable quality of medium speed films.

Delta 400 can be processed in a wide range of different developers using spiral tanks, deep tanks and automatic processors.

Delta 400 Professional 35mm Bulk Length B&W Film
High speed ISO 400
Exceptional sharpness and detail
Core-Shell™ crystal technology
This item is one 100 feet-long roll of standard-perforation 35mm film designed for bulk loading applications.


Ilford Delta 400 (100 feet bulk) 35mm film

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