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Efke films are manufactured using classic emulsions with very high silver content. This results in a large grayscale reproduction. The Efke 25, 50 and 100 films are made using the ADOX formulas that were first introduced back in the late 1940s.

Unlike modern flat crystal films, which are very unforgiving to use, these films allow beginners to produce quality images. The nature of the film also easily allows large, grain free, enlargements to be made from negatives.


- Traditional Black and White 35mm Film
- Do NOT over-expose Efke Emulsions! This film is not recommended for push processing.
- Treat the wet emulsion with extreme care. We recommend the use of hardener in the stop bath or fixer.
- Never use a stop-bath with a higher concentration than 2% -- in fact, we recommend the use of plain water in place of a stop bath.
- Efke 35mm films (KB) are coated on a polyester base (100 microns plus coating).

      Efke KB 25 35mm black/white film (EXPIRED)

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