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The Reflx Lab Pro 100 is respooled from fresh Kodak Aerolor IV film. This is the same film that's is selling on the market under other names such as Santa Color 100 and Washi-X.


Like the other 35mm film from Reflx Lab, this one comes with a nice little metal can (as pictured).


- Fine grain, low noise
- Medium saturation, medium contrast
- Daylight balanced film, ideal for outdoor shooting during the day
- 36 exposures
- Process in C41. Can also be processed in E6 to obtain positive slide film!

It should be noted that this film has a tendency to light pipe, eg. the light will travel up the leader and into the first few frames. Load the film in very low light conditions.

Reflx Lab Pro 100 35mm color film (aka Aerocolor IV) (with metal can)

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